I Was On the Radio Y’all!

Hey Peeps,

Just wanted to drop by and let you know that I had my very first radio interview this past weekend! I was excited and nervous and I’m pretty sure I said ‘um’ much more than I wanted to, but other than that I think I did okay. The host, DuEwa Frazier, was warm and engaging. She made me feel comfortable and asked some great questions; that helped tremendously. So, here it is!

Interview with Author Faith Simone on Rhymes, Views and NewsTalk Radio

radio interview2

Shout out to Your Vision in Ink for obtaining this interview for me. Don’t sleep on the author services offered there!

OAN: I’m on Periscope y’all!!!! Well, technically I haven’t actually done a broadcast yet, but I am a registered user. For those of you not in the know, Periscope is a spin-off created by Twitter that allows users to stream live video to their followers. Think YouTube only live and much more casual. It’s like being invited into someone’s life for brief moments.


So far, I’ve toured an English garden in the UK, saw a couple of live concerts and got schooled on some publishing tips. The one caveat is that the streams are only available for replay for about 24-48 hours. So if you missed it, well… you missed it.  I’ll do my first broadcast once I familiarize myself with the platform a little more. I’m all crunked about it (are the kids still using that phrase?) because the broadcasts are live and I’ll be able to interact with you lovely people in real time! You can ask me questions and send your comments while I’m on the air. Chile, I’m over here feeling all Jetson like and whatnot. Where’s my flying car, ’cause we are doing the dog on thang!

Get yo’ life and follow me on Periscope @FaithSimone2011

If you took time to listen to my first radio interview, first of all thanks! Do you have any tips for me? I have another radio interview scheduled in August. School me now so I’ll have some time to get myself together. 

How do you settle your nerves before doing something out of your comfort zone? Me? I have a come to Jesus meeting, A.K.A. pray like it’s my last time! What’s your one bad habit when engaging in public speaking? 


9 thoughts on “I Was On the Radio Y’all!

  1. Congrats Faith. Great progress! I don’t do well when it comes to public speaking, but I’m making great progress. Lately, I’ve been able to break the barriers from my mind by telling myself “they are strangers, but people just like myself.”
    I love your blog. You focus on some interesting points, very helpful… Thank you for visiting my blog!


    • Thanks you! I don’t do all that well with public speaking either. I always freak out, thinking that ALL these people are listening to ME? So much pressure not to say anything crazy! You’re right though, remembering that they are people just like us helps a lot. I always like to think about how everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time. And well…I also remind myself that they all poop too! You can’t help but think about their humility when you think of that. Weird, but it works. Thanks for stopping by and don’t be a stranger!


  2. Congratulations, Faith! How exciting. Public speaking whether in front of an audience or over radio waves is nerve-wrecking. The old trick about picturing everyone in their underwear never worked for me. To prepare for public speaking, I find the best approach is practice, practice, practice. Nerves always fall to confidence. Go get ’em, tiger!


    • Thanks Ann! My nerves were fine up until five minutes before I was supposed to call in, then I was like, “What in the world am I going to talk about?” And it wasn’t the type of interview where the host sends you the questions in advance either. I guess it makes for a more organic conversation to do it that way. But you’re right, practice makes perfect. I knew I would read an excerpt, so I went over that a few times. And I knew that of course, I would talk about my book, so I made sure to have a concise description ready. It actually turned out to be really fun!


  3. That is AWESOME, Faith! I’ll listen to your interview and report back. But, since you are preparing for August. I want to mention a book I used to prepare for a radio interview I did last year. It’s called Sell Your Book Like Wildfire by Rob Eagar.

    I don’t have a book, but he gives great practical advice on capturing the attention of listeners. He even has a chapter entitled “Turn Media Interviews Into Book Sales.” All that to say, I think his book is worth it’s weight in gold.


    • Thanks Simone! I’ll have to check that book out. I’m constantly learning more and more about media engagement and whatnot. So it’ll be interesting to see what he has to say. In this last one, I just prayed and decided to be myself. I’m glad it worked out! Especially now that I’m learning just how unprepared I really was. Look at God!


    • Lol, girl you know we like family! I need to edit this post to send a shout out to Your Vision in Ink for procuring the interview. As a matter of fact, let me go do that right now.


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