Hurricane Dorian Relief Bracelet

Hello Wonderful People!

It’s been a while. I know, I know, that’s the understatement of the year. I have no excuses. Life has been…interesting. Sometimes God hides us in the shadow of his wings and works some things out of us in the secret places. Eventually I’ll return, in his timing. For now, I just wanted to pop in real quick to let you all know about an opportunity to support relief efforts for Hurricane Dorian survivors. As we all know, the Bahamas have been ravished by one of the worst hurricanes in their history. My sister has a faith-based jewelry business and she has designed a bracelet in honor of the beautiful people of the Bahamas. This quality bracelet is engraved with a reminder of God’s faithfulness in hard times. All proceeds will go towards hurricane relief, and you’ll have a tangible reminder to pray for survivors every time you wear this gorgeous bracelet.  So head on over to Christ Jewelry Boutique to make your donation today!

stainless steel adjustable bangle bracelet

When you go through deep waters, I will be with you.

Isaiah 43:2

I love each and every one of you. Whether you are able to donate or not, our prayers are powerful and truly make a difference. Please say a prayer for the hurricane survivors, relief workers, volunteers and our government as we welcome survivors to our country.


Until next time, remain in faith and love!

Remember, He is God over the storms of our lives, and we are His…There is no power strong enough to separate us from His love. I hope the video below reminds you of that. 🙂


Here We Go Again…

When it rains, it…well, drizzles? I was planning on being all melodramatic,  but then realized it’s really not all that serious. At least not yet.

I had to make another trip to my favorite place: the emergency room.  I’m so sick of ER’s. But, as my mother reminded me a while ago,  I need to be thankful I have access to one.  So, I will be.

Anyway,  I have pain radiating from my neck all the way down my shoulder to my hand.  I assumed I slept wrong, and that is part of it, but the x-rays showed a lack of a curve in my neck. According to Dr. Google this can be serious and could explain the frequent headaches and migraines I’ve suffered with for years.  According to the ER doctor, whose job is to keep you alive and send you back to your primary doctor, I need to see an orthopedic specialist.

I’m choosing not to worry about it, and doing what I can to get better in the meantime.  Which means that I need to cut down on my computer time, and since I’ve got to use the computer to make a living, that leaves this blog.

It’s not forever, it’s temporary. I’ll still post occasionally, but Inspiration365 is on hold.  I don’t consider this a failure,  although you guys already know how I feel about failure. I consider it a momentary challenge, that I know I’ll overcome.

Until next time,



P.S. Please excuse any typos. The doc gave me drugs and I’m typing this on my phone. 😋


When Someone Shows You Who They Are…

I have to admit that I totally forgot about posting a blog today! I fear that my blogger street cred (is that a thing?) is in serious jeopardy. Honestly, I had a lot going on today and, as usual, got a late start. The day got away from me and here it is 10:31 CST on Sunday night and I’m only just now keeping my commitment to bring you daily inspiration. I’ll keep it short and sweet and quote one of my favorites from Dr. Maya Angelou:

maya-meme.jpg (700×350)


I hope that however you spent your Sunday, whether in relaxation, or worship, or time with friends and family, or preparing for the week ahead, that it was all that you needed it to be. May you be blessed in health, wholeness and joy!

All Up In My E-Reader! #Books

Y’all already know what it is. Time for another peek into my digital library. Well really, it’s my sister’s digital library, ’cause I’m out here like a squirrel just tryna get a nut, feel me? LOL! I’m really on one this perfectly dreary Saturday morning. It’s raining on my end, which is perfect weather for snuggling up with a good book (that’s if you don’t have a man 😉 ). I’m just saying.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the books below!


Title: The Man of My Schemes

Author: Leslie J. Sherrod

Description: It started at work and then spread to her sister-friends at church: wedding bell fever. For thirty-four-year-old Berry Jenkins, the craze has just begun. Tired of the prying and invasive questions about her lack of a love life, Berry decides to convince everyone she has finally landed the man of her dreams. However, there is one slight problem. Her fantasy man is just that – a complete fantasy and a bold-faced lie. Of course, lies can’t last forever and Berry’s ploy to pretend she’s met the perfect beau quickly spirals out of control.

When her carefully woven web of deception begins to unravel, only a miracle will save her from her fairy-tale romance gone nightmare reality. Facing exposure, Berry fears that the trap she’s created for herself is too messy, too tangled – and maybe even too dangerous – for her chance at love to survive.

Hold on for a wild and zany ride as Berry’s imaginary man takes on a life of his own, for better…and for worse.

My Take: Now, I have to admit, I started this book a long time ago and never finished it. I don’t think it had anything to do with the story or the quality of the writing. Rather, it was just a rough season in my life and nothing was holding my attention for very long. It seems like a good book, great for a fun read, with a nice moral at the end. I recommend it if you’re looking for some light reading. This book used to be available as a digital download, but for some reason Amazon only has the paperback available now. So in the interest of full disclosure, I did not, nor would I, pay $12.99 for this book. Just keepin’ it real.


Title: The Good Neighbor

Author: A. J. Banner


Named by Harper’s Bazaar as a book that could be the next Gone Girl.

From a phenomenal new voice in suspense fiction comes a book that will forever change the way you look at the people closest to you…

Shadow Cove, Washington, is the kind of town everyone dreams about—quaint streets, lush forests, good neighbors. That’s what Sarah thinks as she settles into life with her new husband, Dr. Johnny McDonald. But all too soon she discovers an undercurrent of deception. And one October evening when Johnny is away, sudden tragedy destroys Sarah’s happiness.

Dazed and stricken with grief, she and Johnny begin to rebuild their shattered lives. As she picks up the pieces of her broken home, Sarah discovers a shocking secret that forces her to doubt everything she thought was true—about her neighbors, her friends, and even her marriage. With each stunning revelation, Sarah must ask herself, Can we ever really know the ones we love?

My Take: For some reason I enjoyed this book, even though it’s not my usual preference at all. It’s well written, and the story sticks with you. It’s an old fashioned understated suspense novel with an other worldly type feel to it. There are a lot of ‘suspects’ which kept it interesting all the way through. It’s a tad on the slow side as far as the suspense genre goes, so don’t expect it to be a quick read.


Title: The Color of Heaven

Author: Julianne MacLean

Description: A deeply emotional tale about Sophie Duncan, a successful columnist whose world falls apart after her daughter’s unexpected illness and her husband’s shocking affair. When it seems nothing else could possibly go wrong, her car skids off an icy road and plunges into a frozen lake. There, in the cold dark depths of the water, a profound and extraordinary experience unlocks the surprising secrets from Sophie’s past, and teaches her what it means to truly live…and love.

Full of surprising twists and turns and a near-death experience that will leave you breathless, this story is not to be missed.

THE COLOR OF HEAVEN is a work of fiction.

My Take: This book gripped me from the beginning and maintained that grip all the way through. I’m a sucker for otherworldly, spiritual journey type books and this delivered on that in spades. It’s sad, yes, but also hopeful. I highly recommend this book and plan on reading others in the series. Julianne MacLean is now one of the authors where I choose to read the book before even reading the description. She’s in my club of If She Wrote It, I’m Reading It. 



Let me know if you check any of these books out, I’d love you hear your take on them! Also, if you have any good book recommendations tell me about them in the comments below. 


In Memphis? Let’s Meet Up!

Hey, y’all! This is my first time promoting something like this on my site, but I have to keep you guys in the know about what I’m up to. In the very near future I’ll be co-presenting a writing workshop here in Memphis. My partner for this event is fellow author Indianna Tuggle and we’ll be walking aspiring Christian authors through the process of writing and publishing their first book. So if this sounds like something you’re interested in, check out the flyer below.

Hope to see you there!

P.S. In the future, I’m thinking of hosting a free meet and greet type of event. Stay tuned for deets about that!