Weekend Recap: Books, B-days and Laughs

This weekend I made an effort to get out of the house, something my naturally hermetic self has to really gear up for. This is especially true when I’m going through some things. But, it was two of my beautiful cousin’s birthdays and despite the fact that Netflix was calling me, I ignored the muse stealing heffa and hit the streets.

First I had to take care of some business (cuz I stay grinding) by stopping off at a literary event hosted by my local library. I’m so glad I came through because I met a couple of amazing Memphis based writers and got to plug my baby WTRTCA to a room full of readers. It was awesome and I was only a little nervous. Me + public speaking= I need a sedative!

2015-04-20 10.54.27
The agenda. See that last line down there that says “Remarks from Guest Authors”? That’s me! I’m about to blow up y’all.

My assistant, Sista C.J., was slipping on her post. Not only did she not get a picture of me speaking about my book, but she didn’t pass out my promo cards. I had to do it myself. Gasp! I thought I was the talent, and deserved to be treated as such, but I guess working with family keeps you humble. I would dock her pay, but since I’m not paying her anything…

Doesn’t she just look like an assistant who’s all over her job?

One of the primary speakers was author Lakisha Johnson and she came with it. She’s a successful independent publisher with a faithful fan base here in Memphis. Her topic was “Be Careful Who You Love” and she gave me plenty to think about! For one thing I got to see a pro in action. If you’re an author attending an event to sell books, it’s less about going on and on about your book, and more about leaving an impression on the audience. If they remember you, they’ll remember your book. If you haven’t read any of her books, you might want to check them out. From talking to a few of her fans, I got the impression that they’re very steamy.

Author Lakissha Johnson keeping us on our toes in this love game.

After stumbling through my 60 second remarks on WTRTCA,  Sista C.J. and I met up with some of our cousins for dinner. We gossiped about family, lusted after a few professional athletes and Idris Elba, talked about my sudden case of baby fever (I promise I can hear my biological clock ticking away like a gong) and ate some delicious Mexican food.

Mi familia!

Later, we changed the venue and went to see Tony Tone at Chuckles Comedy House. I’d never heard of him, but he was pretty funny. Forgive me for not having a candid picture of him. I was too busy admiring the way his biceps strained against his shirt while he was holding that mic to take a pic.Talk about guns? Bang, bang baby.

tony tone
What’d I tell you about those guns?

So all in all it was a weekend full of good people, good food, and good times. What more can a girl ask for?

What did you get into this weekend? Do you attend local literary events on the regular? Any tips to help me get more comfortable with public speaking? How about some advice on how to get over baby fever? Talk to me.


Disney World Hangover?

I’m back from my awesome vacation to Orlando, Florida home of endless mini-vans, SUV’s and hoards of people wearing Mickey Mouse ears on their heads. This was family trip with my aunt’s, uncles, cousins and their kids. We totaled 22 folks in all and there was never a dull moment. Thankfully, I have a family that knows how to have fun anywhere, so finding shenanigans to get into in Orlando was a cake walk.

Road trip! When I wasn’t driving, I amused myself by taking selfies in the back seat.

Road trip! When I wasn't driving, I amused myself by taking selfies in the back seat.

We stayed in two gorgeous vacation rental homes a few miles away from Disney World called the Windsor Resorts. I highly recommend them!

house kitchen living room

We went to the Magic Kingdom park at Disney World and, despite the rain, had a great time!

Disney parade sneezy 20140611_000413

We also saw a live pirate dinner show. The actors were very interactive. The kids enjoyed it much more than the adults, but all in all, it was okay.

pirate show2

No trip to Florida without a day at the beach, so despite the threat of rain, we ventured out. The hour and a half drive was so worth it! I didn’t bother to put on my fabulous new swim suit because we got caught in a downpour. Sunshine state, my hiney!

Daytona beach beach run forrest bubba gump

We ended the vacation with a family dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Good times, indeed!

family dinnerCheesecake factory

It rained almost everyday, which was kind of a bummer. I didn’t get to take a swamp tour (I so wanted to see an alligator), but I did have a great time shopping, laughing and relaxing with my loved ones. I’m slowing coming back to reality after my Disney World hangover. I think everyone should go and experience it at least once. If you have kids of any age, the joy on their faces will make it all worth while!