You Got What You Settled For

In between body aches, coughing fits, headaches and all the other joys of the flu, I’ve been watching TV and I came across a line that made me evaluate my life. That’s right, even when I’m jacked up, I still like to get deep. Just excuse any typos, ’cause TheraFlu is messing with my mind.

I decided to wath the ultimate chick flick movie, which is Thelma & Louse. Anyway, Louise told Thelma, “Well, you got what you settled for.” Of course, she was referencing her friend’s choice for a husband, but the sentiment applies to other things as well.

What if we didn’t settle? What if we demanded more out of our lives than the ordinary routine of the mundane, allowing life to carry us along, rather than the other way around? I happen to think that far too many of us settle for an unsatisfactory life because it’s easier than doing what it takes to create the one we really want.

Notice I’m including myself in that category as well. I’ve been known to take the easy way out of things on more than one occasion. But something about that line from a movie almost 30 years ago jolted me out of my routine and made me want to do something different.

I’m done settling. I’m done doing things the same way and expecting things to magically change. I’m making some changes and I think you should join me.

Because the bottom line is, we get exactly what we settle for.

What are you planning to do differently today? This week? This year?


I want to hear from you!

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