How to Deal with Negative People: 5 Tips That Will Save Your Sanity

Negative Nancy, Debbie Downer, toxic people, complainers, doom and gloomers and glass half empty kind of folks.  These all various ways to describe people who are never satisfied by anything, at any time, in any way, shape or form.  Do you want to know what to do about them? Pull up a chair, because having dealt with many such people, I have the experience to tell you exactly how to handle them.

#1) Avoid them like they breath stank, not stinks.

Seriously, avoid them like it’s flu season and they’re looking a little green around the gills. But, since that’s not always possible, seeing as how some people may be

married to them or tied to them by blood, I’ll go ahead and give you some other options as well.

#2) Keep all interactions as short and sweet as possible.

Nothing you say will change who they are, so please don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you can cheer them up. Any break in their negativity will be short-lived, and they’ll come back stronger than ever. Think gremlins after exposure to water. That thang ain’t gon’ do nothing but multiply, do you hear me? When it does–and it will–refer back to number one.

#3) Let them win.

At least, let them think they’ve won. It’s been my experience that negative people like to spread their special brand of “cheer” around. This sometimes takes the form of goading otherwise contentedly peaceful people into fits of rage. Don’t let them have the satisfaction. It’s OK to maintain silence. It’s hard to argue with someone who won’t respond. You wanna know who’s even harder to argue with? Someone who’s not there. Again, refer back to number one.

#4) Understand that their behavior is not about you.

It’s about them and their issues. Let it remain that way. Don’t let their woe-begone view of the world make you think that you’re the problem. You just happen to be what they’re looking at, at that moment in time. And since they only see the bad in things, that’s all they can see when they look at you. It’s not about you, and it never has or will be. Let them look at the back of your head as you walk away, because….number one.

#5) Let the mood you were in before they became a part of your space be the mood you’re in when they’re not.

Keep your vibe positive. Shake off their negative energy and don’t allow it to alter whatever state rightfully belonged to you before you came across them. This is easier said than done, but I’ve discovered that when you train your thoughts through mindfulness and prayer, you’re able to maintain your zen or peace no matter what’s thrown at you from outside sources. This state is best maintained by being around positive people as much as possible, and negative people as little as possible. Do I have to say it? REFER BACK TO NUMBER ONE!!!!!

I hope my levity about this situation brought a smile to your face, something that I’m guessing you need if you’re reading a post like this. The bottom line is that we’ll probably always have the unpleasant experience of encountering negative people. If you follow my tips, that’s all it will be; an encounter that’s over as quickly as it began. 😉

How do you handle negative people? I’d love to hear your tips in the comments below!



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