Conversations with Faith: Surgeries, Secrets & Hospitalizations

Chile, just watch the video….

Please keep me in your prayers. Love you guys!!!!

38 thoughts on “Conversations with Faith: Surgeries, Secrets & Hospitalizations

  1. Hi my sister, : ) I will continue to pray for you and your family. I love you & miss you keep holding on to God’s unchanging hand be Blessed !!!

    Isaiah 41:10 ” So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand”


    • Preach Stannetta! Thank you so much for encouraging me. I love and miss you too. Hopefully, I’ll be back at work soon. At least this explains all the crying spells, lol. My hormones were jacked up because of this mass on my ovary. It’s nice to have an answer and to know that I’ll be much better soon!


  2. Faith, thank you so much for being open and sharing what you have experienced. I cannot imagine the pain of the stillbirth. I once worked with a client who experienced the same thing, and the grief she experienced was heavy. Along with everyone else, I will be praying for your healing and recovery from surgery. So good to hear you from you. I was missing your blog. 🙂


    • I so appreciate you! I don’t know how I missed this when I was responding to the comments on this post. Yes, the grief I experienced was unlike anything pain I’ve ever known. I honestly don’t know how I survived, but for the grace of God.

      I’m almost totally healed from my surgery. It was tough going, but I’m MUCH better now. Still have lifting restrictions and get tired easy, but I can’t complain. 🙂

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  3. Faith,

    Thank you for sharing your journey. Keep your positive attitude and know that God has many plans for you. I know one day you will be a wonderful mother.



    • Thank you, LaShaunda! I have so much peace about my decision and I’m already praying that God will knit my heart with the future child(ren) I will adopt. I know He has plans that are far beyond what I can see.


  4. Alright Fluffy girl 😜. You know I love ya. I heard surgery went well. Thank God for the peace He has given you. Continue to walk in his promises. Praying for complete and total healing.


  5. Faith, thank you for sharing and caring about others even in your time of need. So much of what you said shocked me because one can never tell from the outside what is going on inside. You’ve always been so positive, giving and full of energy. But I am joining your family, friends and others in praying for your full recovery. As a hysterectomy survivor, I can’t tell you how liberating the surgery was for me. I’m sure you read the stats that African-American women and Asian women have more hysterectomies than other races. There’s some spiritual-based research that indicates why this is but for this black woman, I don’t care what the research shows. Having the surgery was the best decision I ever made. Please keep us posted, as you feel up to it, on part II – the big C. But as you said, God has a plan which doesn’t include bringing you home at this time. So plan on, play on, rejoice on, write on…there’s more life to be experienced. Love you and sending you virtual kisses and hugs.


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