Conversations with Faith: Online Dating Experiences #2

Dropping by to dish on more of my online dating shenanigans! Sit back, get comfy and have a laugh on me. 🙂

 So many technical difficulties, but I didn’t let that stop me! I got it together eventually. I’m actually getting a little better at all of this video stuff, and practice makes perfect, so thank y’all for bearing with me.

Tell me about your dating fails. I KNOW you have some!


9 thoughts on “Conversations with Faith: Online Dating Experiences #2

  1. Um. You are definitely not alone, Faith

    Where do I even start?! Let’s see. A guy proposed to me via email, told me he wanted to have 12 children and move to Israel. ( Not even joking!) I once let a guy I was dating borrow 500 dollars and I never heard from him again. He was the church drummer! And I could go on…

    Like you said, thank the Lord for maturity!

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    • Girl! Not 12 children AND moving to Israel. Like, what? How? Come again?
      And the drummer was just flat out trifling! He would’ve been selling some cymbals, a base stand, SOMETHING to get me my money back.
      I guess we all have our horror stories. Like you said, thank the Lord for maturity and that I haven’t caught a case yet lol.


  2. First, congrats on trying out video and getting it to work, simone! You come across very well, and Lordy Lord – those online dating experiences are bizarre, eh? Did you say the first guys was a minister, or did I not hear that correctly?


  3. This sounds like a book waiting to happen! The nerve of some people, I tell you. I was such a book worm in college that I don’t have any outlandish dating stories, but fools will try it while you’re at the gas station, that’s for sure (with your hair all over your head, no less!). I worked as a cashier one summer at Winn Dixie. One day, this guy asked for my number and I gave it to him, right? Well, he calls me and during the conversation mentions his girlfriend. His girlfriend! I was like, “Wait; you have a girlfriend??? Then why’d you ask for my number?” His response? “I mean, were you looking for something serious?” Bye, fool!


    • LOL! Girl, he was tryna make you his side chick. The sad part is that they do it because it can be done. There are actually some women who PREFER to date men that are married or involved. I have yet to figure out why. Seems dangerous to me. Being a woman myself, I know how crazy we can act over being double crossed, and I’m not trying to get caught up in some mess!

      And yeah, I’ve toyed with the idea of writing a novella or something along these lines. I have to work on my comedic style writing. I’m so used to trying to be deep lol. But it would be fun to write something lighter.


    • Lol! It’s definitely not for everyone Mihrank. I’m on break from it for a while until I get some more free time. And I’m working on getting my video skills up to par!


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