Let’s Talk About Sex…

Yep, you read that right. I want to talk about sex: the good, the bad and the ugly. Only I want to do it in real-time, over the phone. With you. And I want to bring God in the mix as well. Because He created sex, after all, so I think it’s important that we consider His take on it. Won’t you join me?

The Wait

My girl Simone, over at My Family Fantastic is coordinating this thing, and I’m just along for the ride. There will also be some other amazing Christian authors on the line giving their take on celibacy and waiting for the right one. More on that here. We’ll discuss the book The Wait (No worries if you haven’t read it. We’ll give plenty of reference to the material, so you won’t be lost). Then we’ll move on to celibacy in all its strugglistic glory. Did I just make up a word? Yes, I think I did. But you get my drift!

Honestly, I feel like I’m the last somebody that needs to give a presentation on celibacy, seeing as how I’ve barely got a grip on it myself. But hey, He delights in using the weak to confound the strong. I’m a willing vessel, so I guess I’ll get the job done.

I hope you’ll join the call!



What are you waiting for? Put a reminder in your phone right now! Go ahead. I’ll wait. 





4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Sex…

    • Amen! I so enjoyed our call last night. Everyone on that call came with some real knowledge! Have you ever considered doing a monthly call on various topics from a Christian standpoint? You’re an awesome discussion facilitator!


      • All I can say is praise the Lord! I’m STILL so excited.

        You know, I though about doing calls on a more frequent basis i.e. perhaps bi-monthly…because the word identity came up several times too. I’m always a little hesitant to commit on a regular basis, because I’m not sure if I can keep up…but my hubby said the same thing as you. So, maybe it’s time to listen:-). Thank you for the kind words about facilitating! I got so much from everyone.


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