Vlog: My Experience with Online Dating—Let’s Dish! #Dating #Romance

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but recently I dived into the world of online dating. Even though I know it doesn’t hold the stigma of desperation that it used to (hey, I’m an 80’s baby, and we didn’t used to get down like that) I still kind of wanted to keep my experience on the down low.

Then I got over it. So here’s a ten minute long video of me rambling about online dating and sharing some of my personal tips!

As promised in the video, here are the exact pics I used in my online dating profile. I ended up meeting a really nice guy, too! One month in, and we’re still dating so…

Dating 4
I tried to appear fun & flirty on these. Plus, a pic collage lets you post lots of pics without seeming to be on over kill.
The requisite full body pic.
Trying to get my model on @ work. Again, pic collage = lots of pics!

I’ll keep y’all updated and share more about being a single woman ready for love. Maybe in the future, I’ll do a vlog on the major losers I came across…Lawd! I wasn’t ready. Plus, I’ll give you the low down on the first date. Let’s just say it started off iffy, because of me and my weirdness, but ended well! Also, because of me and my weirdness.



Don’t leave me out here by myself! Tell me about your online/blind dating experiences below. And since I’m a romantic, I’d love to hear how you met the love of your life, be it online or otherwise. 🙂 


14 thoughts on “Vlog: My Experience with Online Dating—Let’s Dish! #Dating #Romance

  1. Here’s to you and your wonderful weirdness! ^_^
    Think of all the future story characters you’ll make outta those losers, haha!


  2. I especially like your idea of giving prospects a Google number–very smart! Someone very close to me did online dating once and all the guys that sent her messages were looking for a hook up. And these were older gentlemen! Like, come on, man! But anyway, it sounds like you have the right approach and attitude and no matter what happens between you and your friend, you can always use the experiences for a future novel (or non fiction book). Good luck!


    • Quanie, I have learned that age don’t mean a thing when it comes to trifling folks! How you need Viagra and still trying to look for a hook up? Child, please.

      I was thinking the same thing about a non-fiction book, but I’m hoping I won’t have to go through all that it would take to do enough research. I’m over being single, lol!


  3. Well, I never “dated” online (we didn’t have such a thing back when I was on the market) but I did have an over-the-phone boyfriend. Does that count? LOL! Blessings to you 🙂


  4. You go girl! 🙂 I loved hearing about your online dating experiences. I tried online dating a few years ago. I had two dates from it. The first guy was too eager while the second guy didn’t really know what he wanted. So, I kinda gave up on it. I would love to meet someone organically but that’s tough these days. Anywho, keep us updated with your dating experiences. You look so pretty in your pictures.


    • Thanks Monica! I hear you on the less than stellar experiences. When I say I had some “interesting” conversations with some cah-razy people…all I can do is shake my head. My sister tried it about a year ago and her experience was similar to yours. She got discouraged and left it alone, too. I think the key is to look at it as one more option and have fun with it. If nothing else, it’s an interesting experience!

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  5. Faith! I loved that you shared this experience with us. Just wow. So I have to share a couple good stories…two of my really good friends met their husbands online.

    The first couple met on E-harmony, I believe. They’ve been married for four years and are a normal happy couple. We went on a marriage retreat together a couple years ago. Second, another friend met her husband on Catholic match. The have two kids now and now she’s a full-time mom.

    I’m sure these are only two of many that stories that work out. But I’m SO glad you are taking this step. I feel like we shouldn’t limit God’s way of bringing Mr. Right (I ran into my husband on the subway)…so I’m really excited you are giving a try!

    Lots of love! Simone


    • Thanks Simone! I’m so glad you shared some stories with positive outcomes. You hear so many horror stories about women being stalked, etc from online dating. I’m enjoying the experience so far, and if nothing else, I know I’m learning a lot about the type of man I want, among other things!


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