I’m “Going Dark” for the Holidays!


I’m ‘going dark’ for the holidays. That sounds cryptic, however it’s anything but. I’m taking time to slow down as much as possible, and that means scaling back my blogging. And by scaling back, I mean I’m not posting so much as picture of my big toe.

Instead, I’m going to take time to actually enjoy the holidays and all that they entail. I’m planning to take time to breathe. To be fully present at every gathering rather than mentally running down my to-do list and anxiously wondering how soon I can leave without being rude.

I want to bake lots of desserts that I shouldn’t be eating (even as I type this I’ve got cinnamon rolls baking in the oven). I want to slow down when I see spectacular Christmas lights and watch cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies. I want to laugh often and loudly.

I want to daydream and star gaze.  I want to take time to be quiet. To be still and present, celebrating all that I have to be grateful for. I want to write without limits, which is my truest form of meditation.

I’m doing all of this and more because if 2015 has taught me anything it’s that time is not promised. Loved ones who are here this Christmas, may not be present physically next Christmas. I encourage you to celebrate them while you can, and savor every moment. One day the memory of them will be the thing that keeps you going.

Count your blessings. Embrace your traditions. Celebrate the here and now.

May your holidays be filled with much joy, peace and love!





13 thoughts on “I’m “Going Dark” for the Holidays!

    • I wish you and my girl were here with us again for the holidays (even in boring Memphis). I know it’s past time for a return visit and I’m seriously trying to get out there this summer. Happy Thanksgiving and if you’re cooking, I hope you started now ‘cuz we know how you like to take you time LOL


  1. “To write without limits… my truest form of meditation” — so well said, and you have just hit on something I was just about to put into a post! ^_^ Very warmest holiday wishes, Faith — may all these wishes and more come true!


    • Can’t wait to read that post, Sunshine! Since I’ve taken time away, the creativity is just flowing. I wrote a poem on a break at work and if felt wonderful. It’s amazing what minimizing your life ‘to-do’ list will make room for. Happy holidays!

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  2. Thank you Faith for reminding us of what’s really important not only at this time of year but year round. I had planned to take my laptop with me during our family holiday time but after reading your post I won’t. I plan to mirror you and enjoy every moment. Happy holidays!


    • I’m so glad I inspired you to take a break and fully appreciate the time with your family! I think that sometimes we, as writers who love what we do, forget that love and relaxation feed our creative soul. My writing had become stagnant and I couldn’t figure out why. Until I realized that I was putting a huge amount of stress and pressure on myself. When I let go and took time to rest, the words came back. That’s a powerful lesson that I won’t soon forget! Happy Holidays, my friend. 🙂


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