Book Review: Catch Me If You Can by Christina C. Jones

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted any book reviews. That’s mainly because I haven’t had all that much time to read, what with learning about book marketing, working on my next novel and dealing with beau-coup family drama. But I’m back and following is my review of Catch Me If You Can by Christina C. Jones. I purchased this book back in December when I lost my entire mind and went on a book buying frenzy. Hope you enjoy!

Catch meTitle: Catch Me If You Can

Author: Christina C. Jones

Genre(s): Romance, Suspense


Diligence. Focus. Agility.

For Naomi Prescott, it’s not just a cute little saying. It’s a critical mantra, words to live by if she wants to retain her freedom, and more importantly, her life. Impeccable planning is the only way to ensure she sets off the small flutters that will trigger the big ripple she needs to pull off the score of a lifetime — no matter the stakes.

FBI Agent Marcus Calloway is a straight-shooter… if you overlook his sometimes unconventional, law-skirting, expensive ways of solving a case. A big arrest would do wonders to restore his reputation, and he has one woman in mind: Jolie Voleuse

Unforeseen circumstances force them into a closer proximity than either — especially Naomi — would like to be. Sparks fly, and as surely as fire ignites,eventually their undeniable chemistry combusts into a passion that neither expected as they join forces in the dangerous pursuit of a common bounty.

[PLEASE NOTE that Catch Me If You Can is the first title in a continuous series that will carry over three books. Book 2 will be released in February 2015]

My Review:

Christina normally exclusively writes romance, so adding suspense is a new venture for her. I certainly couldn’t tell, because she did it with such expertise that my little fingers couldn’t push the ‘Next Page’ button fast enough on my antiquated Kindle. Naomi and Marcus’ chemistry practically cast flames across my screen. Add the titillation of piecing together how their pursuit of the bad guys connects them on levels they never imagined, and you’ve got a perfect recipe for stellar entertainment. I’ll tell you one thing, I couldn’t figure out the end and I pretty much stopped reading suspense years ago, because I always figure out what’s going on. Not so in this case! If you’re looking for a great quick read with romance and mystery, I highly recommend Catch Me If You Can.

This was my first book by this author, but it definitely won’t be my last. I’ve got A Crazy Little Thing Called Love waiting for me now.

What genres do you normally shy away from reading? Do you have an issue with book series or do you like the continuity of characters and whatnot? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


7 thoughts on “Book Review: Catch Me If You Can by Christina C. Jones

  1. Sounds like a great one! I love romantic suspense as long as it isn’t too violent. I tend to stay away from drug, rape and domestic violence themed books.

    Hope you’re doing good, Faith. *hugs*


    • Girl, if it had all that in it, I would stayed FAR away! Except for the domestic violence part. One of my favorite movies is Enough with J-Lo, so I have a soft spot for stories where the victims flip the script and make their abusers pay. But rest assured Catch Me If You Can doesn’t have any of those factors!

      ((((((Hugs))))) back at you Mrs. N!

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      • I’m telling you, it’s a trend now with books to be filled with all that and more. I worked for over ten years at an abused women’s shelter and have seen it all. Yes, I do appreciate it when the victims flip the script and that movie rocks! 😉

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  2. This book is on my Kindle (among other titles from Christina) so I kinda sorta just scanned through the review (even though I know you wouldn’t spoil it, but still. I’m that kind of reader). Can’t wait to get to it. I normally don’t read hardcore sci fi, but other than that, I’m game for pretty much anything. I actually don’t mind a series as long as the books can stand alone. I HATE it when a book ends with a cliff hanger.


    • I don’t blame you for skimming the review, I’m the same way which is why I read reviews on Amazon while holding my breath. I hate spoilers!

      I’m cool with the series that leave you totally hanging either. I’m like I paid my .99 cents or whatever for a full book and that’s what I expect. But I love complete stories with related characters that extend to other books. I think it’s a win/win for authors and readers when done right.


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