And I’m Still Partying… + #Giveaway

Even though the weekend’s over, I’m still going in celebrating the release of my new novel ‘When the Real Thing Comes Along’. It’s been a long time coming and I don’t plan on stopping the party any time soon! Today I’ll be dancing on over to kick it at Quanie Talks Writing. I’ll do my best to stop doing the nae-nae long enough to explain why I think free promotions are one of the best tools an author can use. Check out a little of it below, then shimmy on over to Quanie Talks Writing for the rest!


Free is NOT a Four Letter Word!

Ok, so maybe ‘free’ is technically a four letter word, but it shouldn’t be treated like it keeps company with those four letter words. My girl Quanie teases me about the fact that I feen for free books like a proverbial crackhead. Did I really just say proverbial crackhead? Sure did, but I digress. Free is not a word for authors to avoid at all costs. It’s in fact an effective marketing tool that the savvy author should always have in their repertoire. Let me explain.

Free books attract new readers. – Whether you’re an author with an incredible fan base or a new author, you should always be on the lookout for new readers. A free promotion does that simply by putting your book in front of potential readers. Once they read your book description and decide they’re interested, having a $0 price will lead to them clicking that ‘Buy Now’ button in a hurry…Continue Reading


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6 thoughts on “And I’m Still Partying… + #Giveaway

  1. Commented on Quanie’s site too, but here I will say: may the party go on all year! (Though I guess you should take a break every now and then to refresh yourself.) ^_^


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