My View of Dr. King’s Dream

I spent this past weekend in the small town of Mound Bayou, MS with some of my extended family. With it being MLK weekend, I couldn’t help but to think about the many sacrifices made by people just a few generations before me for the sake of civil rights. My heart warmed as I watched two little girls, one black and one white, share a church pew and play together. The sight of them, sitting with their heads touching as they played a game on an Ipad, confirmed what I already knew: Dr. King’s dream has become a reality. I’m so glad I’m alive to see it.

mlk girls

I hope you all have a wonderful day remembering Dr. King’s legacy!

I’m going to see Selma later this evening. What are your plans for MLK day? Did you participate in any community service this weekend?



14 thoughts on “My View of Dr. King’s Dream

  1. That’s a great picture! I hate what’s still going on today. It makes me sad. My sister is Asian and her husband is black, so my two nephews are mixed and I love them with every bit of my heart. ❤


  2. I haven’t seen Selma yet but I’ve heard so many wonderful things about it. My husband and I plan to see it soon. And I love the image in this post. It’s hard to believe that not too long ago, those two little girls wouldn’t have been allowed to sit together.


    • Ikr, Quanie…I just shake my head when I think about it. Racism is a learned behavior, and I’m glad to be around at a time when I can witness simple moments of humanitarianism like this. I’m sure you and the hubs will love the movie!


  3. I grew up in Atlanta in the sixties and went to public school with Dr. King’s children. What a great man. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie. Glad to know you liked it.


    • Wow, that’s amazing Cynthia! You were apart of the desegregation movement and classmates with Dr. King’s children. One of the things I really appreciated about the movie was that it showed Dr. King in a different light: the greatness and the flaws co-existed. It showed that he was human and if he can effect great change in his short lifetime, so can we!

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    • I really enjoyed Selma! Oyelowo was great in this role…he made it all look so effortless. There’s so much pressure in biopic roles to live up to people’s standards and/or interpretations of the person being portrayed, but I think Oyelowo exceeded what was required. So, bottom line I think an Oscar nomination would have been appropriate. I heard that Jennifer Aniston was robbed too, but I haven’t seen her movie so I can’t weigh in.

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