Author Spolight: Adrienne Thompson!!!

I’m beyond thrilled to feature author Adrienne Thompson today! One reason is that she’s a prolific writer with fifteen published works under her belt. Color me super impressed. The other reason is that she comes across as an awesome and authentic person. Read on to learn more about Adrienne and her latest release!

What’s your name or pen name?

My name, pen and/or legal, is Adrienne Thompson.

What are your genres?

I write Edgy Inspirational Women’s Fiction and Romance. I also recently released a short devotional.

What have you written?

I have written and published a total of 15 books, including the Been So Long, Bluesday, and Your Love Is King series.

When did you begin your writing career?

I wrote my first novel in 2009, but have been a writer of poetry my whole life. I’ve also always been a very animated verbal storyteller.

Are you a full-time or part-time writer? How do you make time to write?

I quit my RN job in 2012 and have been a full time writer ever since. Making time to write has never really been an issue. I love writing and it’s almost second nature for me. The problem I have is deciding what to write. I always have several works in progress at the same time and a few more stories playing in my head.

What’s your writing process? (Number of days you write per week, a.m. or p.m., specific music you play while writing, or anything else that you feel is a vital part of your creative process.)

Music always helps inspire me. No particular music, just whatever moves me at the moment. I don’t really require any certain space or environment. I’m the divorced mother of three children, so I’ve mastered the art of tuning things out—maybe a little too well, lol. I try to write every day, but I don’t beat myself up if I miss a day or two. I try to work an 8-4 workday (I don’t write all of those hours. I also do promo and other writer stuff.), but sometimes, inspiration will hit me in the middle of the night, and I’ll right then. There’s really no rhyme or reason to the way I work, but it works out well for me.

Do you keep a journal? If so, for how long? Do you find it helpful for your professional writing?

I write in a prayer journal when I’m prompted to. It helps me in every area of my life.

What’s your inspiration?

Brokenness, healing, love, acceptance, and the inherent goodness of people.

What kind of legacy do you expect your writing to leave?

I just hope that something I’ve written blesses people for years to come.

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Trust your voice, be authentic, and never give up.

What’s on your bookshelf or in your e-reader library?

Wow, that’s a loaded question! Well, too many to name, really. I’m not only a writer and reader, but I’m a horrible book hoarder.

What are you currently working on?

I’m working to perfect my January release, Ain’t Nobody, a women’s fiction novel.

better cvr tnLatest release and book blurb?

My latest release is Better, the follow-up to Your Love Is King. Here’s the blurb:

First, her marriage fell apart, then her life fell apart. She’s been through hell. He just wants to make things better… but will she let him?

Carla Foster is still reeling from what she calls “the ultimate betrayal” of catching her husband in the midst of his infidelity. Now, seemingly stuck in marital limbo, she finally decides to move on with her life only to find herself face-to-face with a monster. As her life begins to crumble, she wonders if things will ever get better. Will Carla be able to find healing and eventually, love?

Tell us about your main character? What actress or actor would you cast to play him or her in a movie about your book?

Carla is a seemingly strong woman plagued by some serious, life-altering issues. She is a fighter, but finds herself sinking fast. I’m honestly not sure who I’d cast to play her. I always have a picture of who the characters are in my head, and they are real people to me. It’s hard for me to choose an actress. Maybe Nia Long?

How can we purchase your work?

My books are available at:


Kobo Books:

Barnes and Noble:

Amazon UK:

How can we stay in touch with you?








Adrienne Thompson picBio: Married at sixteen, a mother twice by seventeen, and thrice a mother and divorced by twenty-four, Adrienne Thompson is no stranger to adversity. Not your typical teenage mother, she went on to complete her college degree and to earn her nursing license. She attributes God’s faithfulness as the catalyst for her success in life. Now, having raised two children as a divorced mother, with a third fast-approaching adulthood, she is sharing a long hidden talent and passion with the world. Using the lessons that life has so expertly taught her as a guideline (betrayal, abusive relationships, self-esteem issues, witnessing the deteriorating effects of drug abuse), she has created stories that will both entertain and inspire the reader.

Adrienne currently resides in Arkansas with her daughter. Formerly an RN, she now writes and publishes her stories full time. She is also a motivational speaker.

Faith Simone says:

Ok, so I now officially have a new author to stalk. Those answers were amazing. I particular connected with Adrienne’s advice to new writers: “Trust your voice, be authentic, and never give up.” And her personal story of triumph reads like a novel itself. Ms. Adrienne is one to watch, and an author I plan to have on my bookshelf for years to come!

Ever read any of Adrienne’s work? How do you feel when you discover a new author? Do you binge read their work, or pace yourself?


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