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Serena Wills is in Our Author Spotlight!

Hey y’all (can you tell I’m reconnecting with my southern roots?) I’m thrilled to shine our author spotlight on Serena Wills. She’s not only a gifted poet and author, but an all around great person as well.  Our paths crossed at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship church in Dallas several years ago, and we instantly hit it off. Get to know a little bit about Serena and her impressive body of work in the interview below. Enjoy!
What are your genres?
Fiction, poetry and health.
What have you written?
My first poetry book, “Reconstruction, Pieces of Life Volume 1” was published on June 13th, 2014. This poetry book speaks to many levels of relationships. It reads like a story and will take you through a journey of someone being in love, marital bliss to a feeling of betrayal and broken heartedness. It is available on Amazon, Create Space and Barnes and Noble.
I’m published in numerous anthologies that focus on inspiration, love, health, motivation and Christianity. They are:
 “Gumbo for the Soul, Here’s Our Child Where’s the Village” 
“Women of Honor-Special Pink Edition” (Edited by Beverly Black-Johnson)
“Have a Little Faith” and “Keeping the Faith” (Edited by Vanessa Miller)
“How I Freed My Soul, Liberated Muse, Volume 1”
I’ll  be published in the following upcoming anthologies titled:
“Betrayal Wears a Pretty Face, Liberated Muse, Volume 2” (Edited by Khadijah Ali-Coleman)
“Cornbread, Fish and Collard Greens” (Edited by Khafre Abif)
When did you begin your writing career?
When I was a child…I used to write short stories and it grew from there.
Are you a full-time or part-time writer? How do you make time to write?
I’m a part time writer. It is hard with being a single mom, working full time and healing from Lyme Disease. But I make time daily despite how I feel. My poetry book was being developed at the worst time of life with this illness…but life if short. If it’s your passion you will do what you have to do.
What’s your writing process?
I work on my writing about 5-6 days a week. I work in the mornings and afternoons are best. If I listen to music it’s played low and it’s either gospel, R&B (old school) or African. Most of the time I write in silence.
Do you keep a journal? If so, for how long? Do you find it helpful for your professional writing?
I have numerous journals. I carry one with me every day and have one on my phone. I never know when the mood will hit me so I want to be prepared. My Aunt June gave me my first journel in 1985 and I have had one ever since.
Divine Wryte
What’s your inspiration?
God and my son.
What kind of legacy do you expect your writing to leave?
I want people to be touched and know they are not alone. Even my fiction books which will be released starting next year all have a message in them. I’m not looking for fame or fortune…just to do God’s work. Even if I just touch one person.
What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
Just do it! Don’t be like me and wait until an illness strikes to work heavily on your dreams. Even if you write a line a day…it’s something. Life is not waiting for you. I was working on my writing for years but took a lot of breaks. Now I write as if today is my last day.
What’s on your bookshelf or in your e-reader library?
Poetry, fiction, autobiographies and spiritual books.
What are you currently working on?
I’m working on marketing my first book and wrapping up the next two poetry books titled, “Crying Tears of Teal” dedicated to those who have suffered from or healed from Ovarian Cancer and “Awakening, Pieces of Life Volume 2” which talks about various emotions in life from poverty, teen pregnancy, politics, love and more.
Latest release and book blurb?
My first poetry book, “Reconstruction, ,Pieces of Life Volume 1”“Reconstruction, Pieces of Life Volume 1” by Serena Wills was published on June 13th, 2014. This poetry book speaks to many levels of relationships. It reads like a story and will take you through a journey of someone being in love, marital bliss to a feeling of betrayal and broken heartedness. In order to get your life back in order one must have a time of reconstruction. Center yourself, focus on the divine higher power and love yourself. You will be taken on a poetically written journey as you enjoy, learn, cry meditate and lose yourself in the moment in poetry.
What type of music would you set your poetry to if you were performing it? 
This particular book I would have some smooth music in the background so people can really digest the words. Something like the band Melody Memory rocking in the background or a smooth jazz band.
How can we purchase your work?
It is available on AmazonCreate Space and Barnes and Noble. Available in paperback. The Kindle edition is forthcoming!
How can we stay in touch with you?
Check me out on my website  Serena Wills – Poet and Writer
I’m also on Facebook Serena Wills and Twitter
Reconstruction back2
Preview ‘Reconstruction: Pieces of Life, Volume 1’ here via Amazon and read some of Serena’s beautiful poems. You won’t be disappointed!

Party Like A Three Day Weekend

I hope you had a fabulous 4th of July and enjoyed the long weekend. I had so much fun I can’t even think straight. The 4th was spent at a family BBQ replete with good-natured debates, water gun fights and a stellar amateur fireworks show. I felt like a child again as I played with sparklers. I also attempted to channel my inner Martha Stewart by baking a strawberry short cake and decorated it as a flag. The look: meh. The taste: mmmhhh-mmmhhh good.

4th of July
My sister and her friend, me, my attempt at a flag cake and one of my many lil’ cousins running around at the BBQ.

My good friend/godmother came to visit from Dallas, so I became a tourist in my still sort of new home town. It’s true what they say: everyone should pretend to be a tourist in their own backyard. I had a great time Sunday. We went to church, then had a champagne brunch at the famous and historical Peabody. I must admit that my initial impression of this beautiful hotel was tainted by the ignorant behavior of a hostess that seems to think that the south is still segregated. It put a damper on my experience, but eventually, I got over it. I enjoyed a phenomenal meal, great music and even saw Kathy Bates having an incognito meal at the Peabody deli. Unfortunately, it sometimes slips my mind that I’m a blogger and I should have been snapping pics left and right! I missed out on sharing pics of all of that beautifully displayed food. My bad guys. Everyone should experience the history and class of the Peabody at least once.

At least I remembered to take a picture of the sign...
At least I remembered to take a picture of the sign…

We wrapped up the weekend by walking Beale St. The sidewalks were crowded with folks strolling, the sounds of blues and jazz music drifted from the bars, and the smoke from cigars and barbecue pits permeated the air. If you’re ever out this way, you have to eat at the The Blues City Cafe. It’s a whole in the wall landmark with the best rack of ribs and the most friendly people you’ll ever meet.

Good times on Beale St.
Good times on Beale St.

Have you ever toured your own city? How was your experience?


All Up In My E-Reader (June Addition)

It’s been a while since I shared some of the recent downloads to my kindle. I’m a serial reader, so I have some eclectic picks. If you see one that interests you, just click on the picture to view a sneak peek via Amazon.


color blindBook Title: Color Blind

Author:  Michelle Lindo-Rice

Book Description:

God had to blind him for him to truly see.

An accident has robbed Saul Sweeterman of his sight. Angry at the world, Aniyah ‘Annie’ Hays is the only person who can reach him. Her voice draws him like a siren. Saul falls for Annie hard and fast, not knowing that she’s of a different race.
As a physical therapist, Annie prides herself on her professionalism. But one glance into Saul’s deep blue eyes and she’s a goner. She’s falling in love and loving it, until she learns Saul opposes interracial relationships.
Since her heart refuses to cooperate, Annie wonders, Will Saul reject her because of the color of her skin? Loosely based on the story of Saul and the prophet Ananias, Color Blind promises to answer the question, Can you tell your heart who to love?
*****Sweet, slight sizzle. Christian fiction read.

Author: Carol Balawyder
Book Description:
Missi Morgan is looking for a boyfriend. Maybe she’s just unlucky but she seems to attract the most unsuitable men you can imagine. After so many disappointing dates, her friends in The Dating Club persuade her to write about her experiences. At least some use could come from all these disheartening dates.
Missi’s Dating Adventures is an extension of the novel The Dating Club in which Missi is one of the main characters.

This Way DarknessBook Title: This Way Darkness
Author: LaTashia Figueroa
Book Description:
(A collection of short stories)
Wrapped in Small Flesh and Bone:
Robert and Linda desperately want a child but are unable to conceive. Linda will do anything to get pregnant. Robert’s love for his wife brings them to an unconventional decision. They put the miracle of making a baby in the hands of a witch.
The Alternative:
After her mother dies from cancer, Lorna Powel realizes she does not just fear death, she hates it. But there is someone who understands Lorna’s disdain for her fragile mortality. He knows because he has been watching her for a long time, waiting in the shadows to offer an alternative to death.
The Retreat:
Brad Levee has joined eleven others on a life-changing spiritual retreat that was promised to bring them closer to God. But the charismatic leader, Aleister, has a different plan for his followers that will shed blood. And Aleister isn’t the only one Brad should fear.

No Weapon FormedBook Title: No Weapon Formed
Author: Michelle Stimpson
Book Description:
(Book #2 in a series)
In this sequel to Michelle Stimpson’s beloved debut novel, Boaz Brown, LaShondra and her Boaz, Stelson, are living the ideal American lifestyle, except for the subtle and not-so-subtle ways society keeps reminding them that they aren’t the norm. She’s African-American, he’s Caucasian, and their oldest child is already tackling the question of identity. It’s bad enough when outsiders show their ignorance or disdain. But when the issues come from family, LaShondra finds herself wondering if Stelson can truly comprehend the challenges looming on the horizon.
When a church picnic leads to a head-on clash between LaShondra’s fears and Stelson’s optimism, the truth prevails. But that’s just the beginning.
LaShondra learns that the drama during the family outing was only a set-up for an even more rigorous spiritual battle to save her family. After turning her back to the pressures at work and yielding to Stelson’s leadership, LaShondra finds herself interceding for a husband she hardly even recognizes anymore.
Is this the beginning of the end for the couple that truly endeavored to honor God’s ways, or will this season fortify their marriage for His glory?

Author: Arran Bhansal
Book Description:
“Good and bad things happen to everyone. It may not seem fair, but it’s what happens.”Arran is 34 years of age, living in Henley-on-Thames, married, second generation Indian, father of one, washed out, and depressed. He agonizes over the choices he has made and the impact they’ve had on his life. Hating what he has become, he arranges to meet Judith; a counsellor he hopes will help him make sense of the confusion in his mind.In his sessions with her, he describes how he met and married Becky against the wishes of his family, the disastrous marriage that followed and the IVF cycles they had to endure. He reveals how he met Lauren, and began a passionate affair.Desire and obsession soon take over, and Arran enters a world occupied by one thought – to be with Lauren at all costs. His insanity takes its toll and threatens to destroy his life and those closest to him. Can he outrun disaster? Or was it always going to catch up with him in the end?

Divided WithinBook Title: Divided Within
Author: John Guillen
Book Description:
Houston area private eye Andrew Banks is hired by sixteen-year-old Mercedes Vega to determine what’s dividing her parents. As soon as he meets the rest of the Vega family he realizes that the situation is only one step from becoming dire. He puts the safety of the family over everything else until the case hits much too close to home and it becomes a race against a wealthy restaurant owner that ultimately turns deadly.

Ok, well that’s all folks. I hope you check out one or two of these books. If you do, tell me what you think of them. Happy Reading!