Party Like A Three Day Weekend

I hope you had a fabulous 4th of July and enjoyed the long weekend. I had so much fun I can’t even think straight. The 4th was spent at a family BBQ replete with good-natured debates, water gun fights and a stellar amateur fireworks show. I felt like a child again as I played with sparklers. I also attempted to channel my inner Martha Stewart by baking a strawberry short cake and decorated it as a flag. The look: meh. The taste: mmmhhh-mmmhhh good.

4th of July
My sister and her friend, me, my attempt at a flag cake and one of my many lil’ cousins running around at the BBQ.

My good friend/godmother came to visit from Dallas, so I became a tourist in my still sort of new home town. It’s true what they say: everyone should pretend to be a tourist in their own backyard. I had a great time Sunday. We went to church, then had a champagne brunch at the famous and historical Peabody. I must admit that my initial impression of this beautiful hotel was tainted by the ignorant behavior of a hostess that seems to think that the south is still segregated. It put a damper on my experience, but eventually, I got over it. I enjoyed a phenomenal meal, great music and even saw Kathy Bates having an incognito meal at the Peabody deli. Unfortunately, it sometimes slips my mind that I’m a blogger and I should have been snapping pics left and right! I missed out on sharing pics of all of that beautifully displayed food. My bad guys. Everyone should experience the history and class of the Peabody at least once.

At least I remembered to take a picture of the sign...
At least I remembered to take a picture of the sign…

We wrapped up the weekend by walking Beale St. The sidewalks were crowded with folks strolling, the sounds of blues and jazz music drifted from the bars, and the smoke from cigars and barbecue pits permeated the air. If you’re ever out this way, you have to eat at the The Blues City Cafe. It’s a whole in the wall landmark with the best rack of ribs and the most friendly people you’ll ever meet.

Good times on Beale St.
Good times on Beale St.

Have you ever toured your own city? How was your experience?



2 thoughts on “Party Like A Three Day Weekend

  1. I haven’t toured my own city yet but I should: it’s a tourist city! I’m looking forward to when I can go out exploring, though. It sounds like you had a fab holiday weekend. And the idea of a strawberry shortcake has me feeling like baking tonight….


    • Yes, I had a ball Quanie! But this weekend I’m looking forward to reading and relaxing. Girl, that strawberry shortcake gave me life! You should definitely make one. I think the baby will love it!


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