Michelle Lindo-Rice is in Our Author Spotlight!!!

Author Michelle Lindo-Rice
Author Michelle Lindo-Rice

What’s your name or pen name?

Michelle Lindo-Rice

What are your genres?

I am a Christian Fiction Author with the publishing company Urban Christian Books.

What have you written?

My published works so far:

My first work, Sing A New Song, was published February 2013.

My second work, Walk A Straight Line, releases January 2014.

My third work, My Steps Are Ordered, will be released in August 2014.

When did you begin your writing career?

I started writing about 13 years ago when I wrote and self-published by first novel, Keep the Knot Tight, under a pen name. Since then, I’ve penned more novels, but have now been given the chance to share my work via a traditional publisher. My break into publishing came when I attended a Faith and Fiction retreat, at the inspiration of host and author, Tiffany L. Warren. What I learned there, helped me pitch my work and I landed a two-book deal with Urban Christian books.

Are you a full-time or part-time writer? How do you make time to write?

I am a part-time writer as I have a full-time job as an educator.  As a mother of two high schoolers, I have to schedule my time to write. Writing requires discipline. I usually write late at night when all is quiet in my house.

What’s your writing process? (Number of days you write per week, a.m. or p.m., specific music you play while writing, or anything else that you feel is a vital part of your creative process.)

My writing process is that I write at every open opportunity. I mostly write at night, after work and on the weekends. I generally start out with a plot that I work on fine-tuning and then I work on character develop. I then outline main events and key ideas for the novel. I then write, write and write. I worry about editing after I have it written.

Do you keep a journal? If so, for how long? Do you find it helpful for your professional writing?

I do have a journal, but I’m not faithful. I use my journal to reflect on important events in my personal life. I do not use it for my professional writing but have recorded important events and milestones. I’ve had the same journal for years.

What’s your inspiration?

My inspiration for Walk A Straight Line stems from the fact that I have a lifelong friend and our relationship has had its ups and downs, but our sisterhood is never questioned. I wanted to write a book about friends that explores the intriguing possibilities of truly getting to know yourself based on experiences. Sometimes when we hear another person’s experience we form opinions on what we would or would not do. I wanted to put my main characters, Colleen and Gina, in situations that they never imagined they would face to see if they could walk a straight line. I also wanted to write a romance so intriguing that people would get sucked into the character’s lives.

What kind of legacy do you expect your writing to leave?

I want readers to have a pleasurable read with memorable characters that stay with them after they’re done with my book. I want them to relate to the characters and take some of the lessons learned to deal with issues in their own lives. What a wonderful legacy it would be if, after reading my work, a reader drew closer to God or accepted Him into their lives.

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

My advice for anyone seeking to publish a book is to begin by reading. Read. Read. Read. Read books in the genre you would like to write. My second advice is to attend workshops or take writing lessons. Develop the craft of writing and rewrite. Rewrite. Third, hire an editor. Don’t take the advice of family and friends alone. You need an unbiased professional opinion. Don’t be afraid of the truth.


What’s on your bookshelf or in your e-reader library?

The book that has the biggest impact on me this year is I Ain’t Me No More by E.N. Joy. A must read. I also have Victoria Christopher Murray’s Never Say Never, ReShonda Tate Billingsley’s, A Family Affair, Rhonda McKnight’s Breaking All the Rules, Norma Jarrett’s Love on a Budget, Michele Stimpson’s Stepping Down, Shana Burton’s Flawfully Wedded Wives to name just a few. Also the Guilty series by Pat Simmons, and Tiffany L. Warren’s The Replacement Wife looks very good.

What are you currently working on?

God has been good to me. I urge aspiring writers to keep writing. My third novel, My Steps Are Ordered, comes out August 2014. This is the second installment of the “On the Right Path” series. Trust me when I say that after reading Walk A Straight Line, you’ll demand a sequel. I am in the process of writing the third installment, III, as I keep changing the title.

Latest release and book blurb?

My latest release is Walk A Straight Line, Dec. 31,2013

Book Blurb:

Two friends. Two brothers. Two weddings. Too many secrets.            
Colleen MacGregor rededicated her life to God when she met and married Terence Hayworth. However, her happily-ever-after will have to wait, because she has some serious dragons to slay to sustain her marriage and keep her friendship with Gina Price intact. After fifteen years of friendship, Colleen must now draw the line and stop telling Gina everything.
What did God do to her friend? Gina finds it hard to deal with Colleen’s newfound faith. She thinks Colleen has become self-righteous, subjecting Gina to her holy tirades whenever the mood strikes. When Gina begins dating one brother, while simultaneously falling in love with another, boy, does she get an earful! Gina, however, is way too busy trying to sort her way through her own murky feelings to worry about her soul. Her heart wants what it wants.
Michelle Lindo-Rice explores the complicated world of female friendships. Can a friendship survive when one friend becomes saved?

Tell us about your main character? What actress or actor would you cast to play him or her in a movie about your book?WALK-A-STRAIGHT-LINE-COVER

A main character in Walk A Straight Line is Colleen Hayworth. She is a carefree, spirited woman who loses her identity when she marries Terence. She changes as she tries to please him. I think Paula Patton would make a good Colleen, or even Jordin Sparks. There are so many new faces out there. Someone who’s bubbly and of course, who can rock her signature long, curly hair.

How can we purchase your work?

Walk A Straight Line is available on Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Books A Million, Google Books and at independent book sellers. There are also links from my webpage where you can read a sample chapter.

How can we stay in touch with you?

Readers can find me online very easily. I have an Amazon Author’s Page, I’m on Facebook, Twitter @mlindorice, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+. I have a blog http://www.michellelindorice.blogspot.com and a website www.michellelindorice.com I love hearing and connecting with readers. I have a Facebook Michelle Lindo-Rice Supporters Page and a Michelle Lindo-Rice Readers group.

Wow, what a different spin on traditional Christian novels! The intricate dynamics of feminine friendship are a force to be reckoned with. ‘Walk A Straight Line’ and the sequels that follow sound VERY interesting. What do you think? Chime in below!


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